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EIS is the technology we use when carrying out health analyses. The EIS system is approved to be used as a medical analysis method, when creating a picture of a client’s physiology. 

By increasing knowledge of the functions of the body, we

create a comprehensive picture for the individual about how she/he can strengthen their health by choosing a

different lifestyle that will lead to better health.


The Focus on Health’s health analysis method - EIS is directed towards companies and is constructed as a specific visual pedagogy.
By using this IT-based analysis, you get information about 69 different parameters, showing an individual’s health status with an 89 percent certainty.

We work with a preventative method, providing a professional therapeutic life style program to the client, for the prevention of bad health and to restore and strengthen the individual to good health. The guidance is based upon the EIS analysis, and the individual's own opinion about his/her own health status 

 An invigorated employee - invigorates the whole company!

For the company, the employees are the absolute greatest resource to succeed.

This resource should be administered in a positive and careful way.

Issues about health are absolutely essential to the company. Taking care of those resources in a positive way is bound to lead to success in each and every aspect within the company.

We aim at a stable human development and a successful enterprising spirit.








An apple a day,

will keep the doctor away.


- An old say.